Explores the causes of conflicts involving environmental concerns and the role of environment as a factor in conflict development and mediation. While RSENR students may choose a thesis advisor through these courses, students most frequently identify their advisors through specialized coursework in their program and major. A concentrated in-depth hands-on interdisciplinary research study, project, or creative arts project. This is a thesis preparation course which includes finding a thesis mentor, and begin the drafting of any thesis proposal or other-research related materials such as an IRB proposal. The committee should be formed no later than October 1 preceding a May graduation or June 1 of the same calendar year, for December graduates. Students eligible for a waiver of the HON requirement include the following:.

Additional thesis presentation requirements As explained above, thesis approval and defense requirements vary by major and department. Download PDF of this page. Application of interdisciplinary environmental skills and knowledge in an organizational setting with an agreed set of work goals and learning objectives. Once the final thesis grade is entered and the fall SP is converted to a standard letter grade, that letter grade is calculated as part of the GPA. Sustainability methods, policies, and frameworks applied in the campus setting using UVM as a case study and field site for the study of campus greening. Course names and numbers vary by department and major. EDFS may be taken for credits in a given semester; credits may be divided between the junior and senior year, and students are strongly encouraged to enroll during the junior year.

Click below to find the thesis guidelines and expectations for each college. Advanced Courses Advanced course-based integration of interdisciplinary environmental skills and knowledge. Topics have included environmental health, energy, regional planning, international studies, literature, ethics, and natural area management. Topics have included environmental health, energy, regional planning, international studies, literature, ethics, and natural areas management.


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Through the unsuccessful attempts, I also had to collaborate and critically think about ways to troubleshoot with the staining protocol. Undergraduate student work on individual or small team research projects under the thewis of a faculty member, for which credit is awarded. Students may contact Amelia Wilcox Thesis due date The thesis is submitted to the thesis committee at least one week prior to the thesis defense date.

uvm envs thesis

Students will ordinarily take HON in the spring semester of junior year; HON should be taken in the ens semester if a student plans to study abroad during the spring semester. Includes literature review and proposal writing. Intro to Environmental Policy. This field-based course examines patterns and processes on local landscapes from an interdisciplinary perspective, with an emphasis on geology, soil science, plant ecology, and ecosystem geography.

The capstone must be the equivalent of 9 credits of level work; individually approved by ENVS faculty; and appropriate to the student’s background and capabilities. These sequences will vary by department.

uvm envs thesis

At least one Committee member must be in the student’s major department. In the senior year, students complete their 6-credit thesis project under the supervision of a faculty mentor.

Send Page to Printer. Includes institutional, activist, and lifestyle initiatives in ecological spirituality.

uvm envs thesis

During the fall of the junior year, students take NHHonors Seminar. This proposal should be submitted to the student’s Honors Thesis Committee by October 1; students will be notified of approved projects by November 1.

Thesis Capstone

Deadlines for thesis submission, approval, and defense vary by department. Current approaches and problems in environmental ethics drawing on philosophy and case studies in animal rights, land ethics, deep ecology, wilderness protection, and uvvm rights. Once the final grade is entered and the earlier SP is converted to a standard letter grade, that letter grade is calculated as part of the GPA. Advanced courses of current areas of interest which may vary each semester.


This required coursework varies by major. CESS students may locate a thesis advisor through discussion of their research interests with their general advisor, or through the research course taken in the junior year.

When the student finishes the second semester and earns a final grade, the instructor assigns that grade for the second semester, and changes the grade of SP that had been entered for the previous semester to match the final grade. Permission of course coordinator. Timing of specific thesis progress reports is at the discretion of the student’s advisor and the student’s Honors Thesis Committee, and should be consistent with the approved thesis proposal, as described above.

HON is a 1-credit thesis prep course offered in both fall and spring. Planning, design, and methods for the senior capstone thesis or project. The College Honors Thesis a two semester, 6-credit hour research project. Students interested in studying abroad should speak with their advisor as soon as possible to plan coursework and research scheduling. The thesis is presented at a formal defense, open to the public, and evaluated by the student’s mentor, the NH faculty of record, and the student’s academic advisor.

All CALS seniors must take an additional 6 thesis credits across the senior year.