Give an account of The main body consists of one or more paragraphs of ideas and arguments. Here are some more expressions you can use to refer to someone’s work that you are going to paraphrase:. Functions – Comparing and contrasting: The aim of the essay should be deduced strictly from the wording of the title or question, and needs to be defined at the beginning. Functions of Written English. Many scientists use a numerical system, often called the Vancouver style or BS

Note Taking when Reading. The object of academic writing is for you to say something for yourself using the ideas of the subject, for you to present ideas you have learned in your own way. This simply means reporting the other writer’s ideas into your own words. Examine the effect of If you decide to quote directly from a text, you will need an expression to introduce it and quotation marks will need to be used:.

You must not use another person’s words or ideas as your own so you need to say where they are from.

uefap essay questions

Check with your department. The main body consists of one or more paragraphs of ideas and arguments.

Reasons for not using quotations: Describe the histology and functional importance of striated muscle. Quickly plan your answers, making sure the structure you choose will answer the question. Answer all the questions. Essay-type answers are usually argumentative and can be anything from a few paragraphs to a few pages long. Analyse the process of transition from a command economy to a market economydrawing upon the many recent examples.


You need to acknowledge the source of an idea unless it is common knowledge in your subject area. What factors determine the elasticity of demand curves?

EAP Understanding the question

At end of your text – if required Reference List Hillocks, Graham. Furthermore, the behaviours were never exhibited again, even when real drugs were administered.

However, note the following:. Turning to X, one finds that Writers are responsible for making their line of argument clear and presenting it in an orderly fashion so that the reader can follow. Before you start the main part of your essay or assignment, there should be a title page. The paragraphs of the essay contain the main ideas and arguments of the essay together with illustrations or examples. Hillocks similarly reviews dozens of research findings.

Understanding the task

Examinations need to be prepared for and revision needs to be done. On the examination day: Functions of Written English. In a multiple-choice question, you are given a number of possible responses, from which you have to choose one or more answers.


Exam preparation Be well organised and prepare well in advance. The emphasis should uefa; on working with other people’s ideas, rather than reproducing their words, but your own voice should show clearly. History of EAP Materials. Explain the concept of ‘ role ‘. Make sure you leave enough time to check, edit and proofread your work.

uefap essay questions

The main way to do this is to cite authors that agree with the points you are making. Finally examinations need to be taken.

Or perhaps the title itself will be queestions controversial that everyone will hold a definite opinion in one direction or another. Read the instructions on the paper carefully.

The conclusion includes the writer’s final points.

uefap essay questions

The main text of the essay has three main parts: Reasons against the questkons. It should recall the issues raised in the introduction and draw together the points made in the main body and explain the overall significance of the conclusions.

Reasons in favour of the argument.