Even solid particles may enter deep into the follicular orifice, a phenomenon that lends itself to the concept of follicular targeting of drugs. Both trial drugs showed encouraging results. While describing the etiological factors of Vyanga , Acharya has given special emphasis towards psychological factors like Krodha anger , Shoka grief and Shrama exhaustion , which are commonly found in most of the patients. The method adopted to assess the skin color and lesion color through the color grading scale. Physiologic skin changes in pregnancy.

However due to etiological factors like Krodha and Shoka mainly Pitta vitiation takes place which in turn affects the Jatharagni and normal functioning of Ranjaka Pitta i. Bahi Parimarjana Chikitsa external applications has a major role to play in the treatment of Vyanga. Clinical improvement was more evident in darkness parameter when compared to other parameters. Paste for external application was prepared by mixing the fine powders of 10 drugs in equal quantity of Varnya Gana with lukewarm water and advised to apply Lepa twice daily for 15 days on affected part. Chaukhamba Sanskrit Sansthan, Varanasi. Chaukhamba Sanskrit Sansthan;

A total 30 patients of Vyanga were selected from outpatient department and inpatient department of Shalakya Tantra Department and allotted randomly oon two groups. In Group B, before treatment, in seven patients the Mandalas were bluish black colored, in five patients the Mandalas were dark brown colored and in three patients the Mandalas were light oj colored. Though it is considered as Kshudra Roga minor diseasehas got a major importance as a cosmetic problem in the society.

Clinical evaluation of Varnya Gana Lepa in Vyanga (melasma)

National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Prasadana property of Sheeta Veerya also helps to purify the accumulated Doshas in Vyanga. The fyanga certify that they have obtained all appropriate patient consent forms. In this study, Overall assessment Overall assessment was done on the basis of following criteria: The study design was a single group clinical —interventional study of 15 days with a pre, post, and follow-up assessment after 15 days.


Smooth and glowing complexion of the face increases the beauty of a person and also gives self-confidence. Blackwell Scientific Publications; The relatively large size of the dermal component may result in a significant role in the metabolism of topically applied substances.

thesis on vyanga

Illustrated Dravyaguna Vijnana; p. MASI score is influenced by all the three factors that are area, homogeneity, and darkness of the lesion.

A grading system was adopted for assessment:. In Asia, it is a common diagnosis and can reach an incidence of 0. CD — Clinically deteriorated that is, increase in severity score against initial score CS — Clinically stable that is, severity of score remains same as against initial score CI-1 — Clinical improvement mild that is, one grade reduction against initial score CI-2 — CI moderate that is, two grade reduction against initial score CI-3 — CI good that is, three grade reduction against initial score.

thesis on vyanga

The selected drugs mainly are of Madhura Vipaka. Stress augmented ultraviolet-irradiation-induced pigmentation. The rationality of the mode of action can be analyzed in three steps. On 7 th day of observation, in three patients vvyanga color of Mandalas became to bluish black, in seven patients the color became to dark brown, in four patients, it was light brown and one patient attained the normal vyangga color. Introduction Acquired hyper-pigmentation disorders of the skin are among the most common complaints in a general dermatology clinic.


The mode of action of the drug under trial can byanga understood on the basis of inherent properties of the drug. Financial support and sponsorship Nil. It comprises 26 grades of color [ Figure 1 ]. Mode of action of drug The mode of action of the drug under trial can be understood on the basis of inherent properties of the drug.

Encyclopedia of Indian Medicinal Plants; pp. Melasma is a chronic, acquired cutaneous, relapsing hypermelanosis characterized by hyperpigmented patches on sun-exposed areas of the face, neck, and forearms.

thesis on vyanga

Vaidya Jadhavaji Vyanha Aacharya. The theses were on Hindi Vyangya: Mahagama Sekara was a legendary poet of the 20 th century in Sri Lanka. J Econ Taxon Bot.

Clinical evaluation of Varnya Gana Lepa in Vyanga (melasma)

Govinda Dasaji, Bhaishajya Ratnavali. Diseases like vyanga and neelikaa mentioned in Ayurveda are to be the best thesis was awarded to Dr. Posology Lepa paste was prepared by using fine powder of 10 Varnya Gana drugs and luke warm water as media for mixing. Lepa paste was prepared by using fine powder of 10 Varnya Gana drugs tesis luke warm water as media for mixing.

thesis on vyanga