I was able to take them out of the real world and even after the play was over, I was still Sister Bear to them. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Leave a comment Posted on June 1, June 1, Uncategorized. To Learn more about how the Berenstain Bears were first animated, check out our previous blog post: But the dentist, who turns out to be a very gentle fellow, reassures her that baby teeth just fall out on their own. Pumpkin pie, without a doubt!

The Berenstain Bears Trim the Tree. But when Brother goes to get something Brother and Sister are good baseball players, and they both sign up to try out for the Bear Country Cardinals. We hope you and you and your family have a happy Thanksgiving! Sister gets her first loose tooth, and Brother scares her by telling her that the dentist will have to yank it out.

Brother and Sister see members of the Bear family that they’ve never even met before. Below are three examples of how the Lakota Berenstain Bears series could be used in the classroom.

The Bear family, especially Papa, is ready to have a blast at the amusement berenstaain

the berenstain bears homework hassle full episode

Papa ponders whether to run for mayor. Then they find out they’ll be competing against each other for the only position left on the team. It was a lot fun.

The Berenstain Bears: Slumber Party/The Homework Hassle – Ep.8 – video dailymotion

Create a free website or blog at WordPress. Recently Mike Berenstain unearthed an Essay written by Jan after her return to school, describing more in-depth her experience working at the Brill Trolley Car Factory. Long term, the Foundation intends to meet the requirements to qualify as public foundation, maximizing its potential for growth and increased funding.


But the “old folks” surprise them. Summer is right around the corner! The book takes place, of course, in November. The cubs discover that there’s more fun and adventure on a trip to Bear Country’s national parks than any amusement park could ever offer. When the cubs come up with a compromise, Too Tall and his gang How will the Bear family cope with the loss of Goldie. Probably the most epic part of the scene though involved a closet that Brother Bear Joey Anchondo and I had to strategically place all of the toys into so that when Mama Bear Chrissy Hartzell opened the door of the closet, a lever was pulled so the toys would all fall on top of her.

Easter is coming up quickly on April 1st. Brother and Sister are getting a dog, but will the cubs help take care of the new puppy like they promised? Visit your local library for the Berenstain Bears books. New Girl In Town.

Leave a comment Posted on September 10, September 12, Uncategorized. With the Lakota only version, it will be a little harder at first to get the meaning, but it will improve your compression more in the long run.

Wishing Star/Homework Hassle

Brother decides to befriend Ferdy Factual—despite the fact that Ferdy is a stuck-up know-it-all who corrects everyone.


They learn how to care for animals and even help Cousin Fred adopt an adorable rescue pet! It is a stream of consciousness writing that vividly portrays the day to day brenstain and exhaustion brought on from the tireless work done by Jan and many women left stateside during WWII.

Which one of these was your favorite and why? This meant it was time to make some room in the archives!

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Lord did, getting On the Road published inand the rest is history. But Mama convinces them not to judge the old woman based on neighborhood gossip.

the berenstain bears homework hassle full episode

Leave a comment Posted on October 30, March 31, Uncategorized. She tells Mama about her fears, and it helps.

The Berenstain Bears

On their way home Papa and Small Bear buy some honey at the honey store, which was what Mama wanted them to do in the first place. South Dakota Public Broadcsting. We hope you have a fabulous holiday season full of special times with friends, family, and of course a good hhassle