Layout and specification of the muffler configurations. Cavitation is a vaporization process that commonly happens in high-pressure injector nozzles nowadays. Atomization and Spray Technology, Vol. It can be noticed that the hybrid model is remarkably more predictive than the fully 1D approach, exhibit- ing a good agreement with the measured data both in the absolute value and phase of the wave motion. Journal of Computational Physics, To be Published ,

Then the solution is mapped from the actual source mesh to the following target mesh. Comparison between experimental and computed pressure rise and its derivative versus time for the Cases Journal of Computational Physics, To be Published , The computed and experimental lift-off lengths are compared in Figure Geometry data of the Mitsubishi-GDI engine studied. Show downloadable dissertations only.

However in certain points some attenuation peaks are not well captured as well as transparency frequencies, whereas the coupled approach predicts a transmission loss which globally agrees fairly well with the measured one. This is achieved by using an automatic mesh motion solver based on the Laplace equation of motion and including the possibility to change the mesh topology to keep a high mesh quality during the whole simulation. The simulation of 5 thermodynamic cycles, needed by the method to converge to a solution, involved an average time of 20 hours on a single proces- sor 2GHz PC.

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Computed temperature field during the intake stroke for the Mitsubishi GDI engine. Searchphrases right now polycythemia particle-particle interaction periodontal thesis palladacycle insertion orientation and mobility objectives nd yag laser multi-frontal solver mona samadi mobile phones influence mehdi bahrekazemi mechanical design optimization.


The Ranz-Marshall correlation [47] is used to model the droplet evaporation. Combustion Science and Technology, Piston and valve motion is handled by dynamic layering or deformation. Piston motion is handled by mesh deformation and layering, with port section remaining fixed for the entire simulation. Onorati, G Montenegro, and Openfoa.

Two different configurations Fig. Two approaches are possible: A last application regards the coupling of Open- FOAM with a 1D fluid-dynamic code, Gasdyn, developed by the authors to simulate the whole engine thewis. To attain success, such simulations need, in particular, elaborated CFD software and predictive models of turbulent burning. Geometry data of the Mitsubishi-GDI engine studied. Pressure and velocity field inside the 5 into 1 junction at tthesis angle degrees, rpm full load.


Theoretical and Numerical Combustion. Inlet temperature was set to K.

openfoam thesis combustion

Structure of the Riemann problem at the inter-cell region and its adoption at the interface between the 1D and the 3D domain. Conversely, this approach can be very useful in the case of complex geome- try systems, to capture the multi dimensional wave effects. When the flow comes out of the ports, it seem to be too attached to the cylinder head as displayed in Figures 10 c – d: Popular dissertations yesterday Effects of Enterovirus Infection on Innate Immunity and Beta Cell Function in Human Islets of Langerhans Trapezius muscle fatigue and electromyographic frequency analysis Chemical risk information in product chains: Acoustics of ducts and mufflers.

openfoam thesis combustion

Cavitation is a vaporization process that commonly happens in high-pressure injector nozzles nowadays. Cell-and-face decomposition of a polyhedral cell into tetrahedra.


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A piezoelec- tric pressure transducer measures the vessel pressure during the experiments. The data of the simulated engine for motorcycle applications are taken from [23] and summarized in Table 8. The grid is refined close to the ocmbustion and valve walls to a size about 1 mm.

An example of grid motion for the Mesh 2 is summarized in Figure The point velocity field u is then used to modify point positions: Comparison between experimental and calculated flow coefficients.

The proposed approach, based on the solution of the Rie- mann problems at each boundary cell, allows the simulation of the unsteady flows in complex systems such as intake plenums, multi-pipe junctions and silencers.

To do this, the grid point motion is cou- pled with topology changes to the mesh such as dynamic cell layering and sliding interfaces [9]. This is because the quadratic diffusion is used in opdnfoam Laplace equation of motion. To these ends, the authors have contributed over the last years to the development OpenFOAM applications for internal combustion engine simulation, considering its prerequisites to be fully open-source and written in an highly efficient opebfoam programming, which allow an easy implementation and testing of new models.