This is down to the fact that young women like Juliet would have had decisions on big life choices often taken out of their hands. Describe at least one character or individual from whom you learned something in the text. Blackman has created her own world to and our own oppositely and by us pitying the noughts in the novel, the white reader really empathizes to pity blacks olympic games essay writing our society. He is too immature to be a father and at the start, we interpret that as a “laid back, edgy guy. Looking at it now. Any comments or improvements or mistakes i have made would be great and also way you think of my essay.

However, this is contrasted by the possibility that Jasmine could have spoken up against what was happening as a well-respected Nought woman, and could have used her power to try and negotiate a change in how the Crosses are being treated. However, one of my teachers told me that “societal and universal level” discussions can take the focus away from the text therefore risking a Not Achieved grade. Why was it interesting? Jason Reitman’s purpose for having these specific camera shots were to emphasize the idea that we should not rely on first impressions although we do. This conveys the way in which Friar Lawrence as a helper is selfless and helping for the best intentions, whilst Jasmine Hadley is helping because of her guilty conscience and inability to speak out for what she believes is right.

noughts and crosses callum essay

Can you have a look over it and give me some ideas anc. I don’t really understand what it means by answering 2 parts of the question. Society, the world, their families, will never accept them. Sacrifice is shown in Romeo and Juliet when they sacrifice their own lives because they are forbidden to be together.

Callum and Sephy’s Emotional Journey

In the ‘s 40’s and 50’s the Soviet Union Communist Russia was under a totalitarian regime and Josef Stalin was the leader and dictator. The visual features of camera shots are used effectively because they zoom in on the Lorrings immaculate house. Whatever words they use, the real message is clear Explain why the character s or individual s helped you understand an idea in the text s.


For example, Boxer a dedicated worker and follower of Napoleon only has two mottos; ‘Comrade Napoleon is always right’ and ‘I will work harder. This conveys the way that Friar Lawrence has good intentions for the couple, allowing the reader to see that he is a character with a good heart in the play, striving to do the right thing.

noughts and crosses callum essay

You have a good style – just link closely to the question. A similar act of rebellion occurred at the end of The Hunger Games when Katniss and the other tribute from District thirteen, Peeta, faked a double suicide attempt. Why was that important?

Malorie Blackman’s Noughts and Crosses Paper

Just as we did in District Thirteen. Essaay and crosses essayreview Rating: Have a look at this link. It is an action packed novel based on a society that has been practicing segregation for decades.

Whilst Romeo and Juliet choose to sacrifice themselves, Callum is forced into execution after refusing to allow his unborn child to be executed.

noughts and crosses callum essay

In the novel Noughts and Crosses, Malorie Blackman completely reverses the stereotype of whites having more power to coloured people. I try to pull back. Our expectations are met, as an audience, when their is camera shots of big, flash houses, getting even more impressive as we progress to the Lorrings house.

She because she wais being torn between her friends because she simply from being an individual and doing believes it is all right to treat noughts the same as crosses. ET Thank you very much. The love being forbidden between the two characters results in the sacrifice of their own lives which shows how passionate both characters are about their love.


This was an extremely difficult thing for Sephy to do. The love between them is protective and supportive. However, this is contrasted by the possibility that Jasmine could have spoken up against what was happening as a well-respected Nought woman, and could have used her power to try and negotiate a change in how the Crosses are being treated. There were three different relationships in the play and portrayed three different types of love.

How do we feel about Christopher?

Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman – GCSE Sociology – Marked by

Any additional feedback would also be helpful thank you Structure – you could discuss the development of the tension; maybe differrent narrative voices are heard; there could be flashback, flash forwards; are htere different time settings; sometimes use contrast between different character’s voices In the case of Atticus, he knew that he would highly likely lose the court case, but he wanted to tell as xnd people as possible that racism was wrong and is not the right thing.

Due to their forbidden love conflict and fighting builds up around them. Only Callum knows that it was suicide, as Lynette had essay him a secret note that talks of her depression after an attack on her and her cross boyfriend. Although he is two years older, Sephy is overjoyed to find him in her class.

Their relationship develops further in the scene where they are deciding what colour to paint the nursery. It allows the remaining characters in the texts to question whether the love was forbidden enough for lives to be lost.