No, it should not: You could therefore read the questions first and then start to read the data or start interpreting the charts, with the questions in the back of your mind. You will go through all of the practice tests above very quickly. Though analysis is always interesting, customers and competitors have no direct influence on cost. See Appendix A for the solutions. I thank everyone for their support during the creation of this book.

Click on each question type for descriptions, examples, techniques, and practice questions! Increase the profits of MallHark. Current Sawmill revenue and profit. A sudden oil-price increase, sparked by unrest in the Middle East. Based on the above information, what can you conclude about thecompetitors of MallHark?

Sue mckinsey problem solving test has been developed to write on a sample of thinking needs to solve. Unless these 2, surveys were from a specific customer segment for which we have no indicationthe 5, remaining surveys should give an accurate representation of the average IndiAir customer: Remember the goal of the CEO: Series in their guarantee to solve complex collaborative problem solving continuous improvement.

mckinsey problem solving test pst 2006

SendCards both in dollars and growth rate. No need to calculate the exact number and waste your precious time.

mckinsey problem solving test pst 2006

You will go through all of the practice tests above very quickly. Focus on the 8. Why did he hire you?


More importantly, it is followed by a completepractice PST: These no-frills airlines offer cheap flightson various high frequency flight routes. SendCards in dollars, eCardHQ in growth rate.

Key to PST – Example

Renegotiate prices with suppliers. Will IndiAir reach the cost synergies expected by analysts? You cannot conclude this based on the above information. Lay off a part of the workforce.

Increasing scale in a purchase alliance would lower costs for IndiAir,which would make them more competitive. Calhr’s statewide workforce planning, d services coordinator lic. I sincerely hope you ace your Problem Solving Test and I want to help you even further.

Before we can do that, we need to calculate the absolute costs of each cost segment.

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All surveyed customers received a small monetary reward as a compensation for their time. There are countless smartphoneapps, websites and computer programs that you can use to practice.

Ifyou do not have a business background, it can help in your preparationto read up on business problems by reading magazines and websitessuch as The Economist, BusinessWeek and BusinessInsider. While fixed and variable costs havebeen constant over the years, prices dropped and profit margins fell.

I based this book on my personal experience which includes the many written sources I read on during my own practice as well as many case interview coaching sessions I gave to groups and individual students.


Both these airlines had a traditional focuson the business customer and both serviced international hubs. No, IndiAir will not reach expected synergies.

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A cultural shift in housing: Only consider information contained within the scenario when determining your answer. Conclusions based off it will be based on what economy class customers would want, which might not be what is best for IndiAir.

Not everything is relevant We already mentioned it above, but since it is so important we will repeat it here: I tried to give credit where it is due but if you find something missing the appropriate references, do not hesitate to contact me at steve caseinterviewhq. They would be the same. Since a large percentage of our personnel is Indian, versus a relativelylow percentage in international airlines, this development could hurt ourcompetitiveness. Costs have no mciknsey to revenue. The goal is to select the best answer: