Check out a more detailed explanation of the Dana Cup Events here. Appropriate referencing There are few areas where I have seen more carelessness than in the referencing of methods. Projects typically combine advanced data analysis and biologically detailed as well as abstract mathematical modelling approaches. If no English test is available, proficiency in English can be evaluated during a personal interview. The library plays a leading role in a large number of national and international projects involving the optimisation of literature and information provision as well as the establishment and development of digital research and information infrastructures. This may be waived for students from local Master programs who are personally known to faculty members. How to write a better thesis.

Methods discussions may be important in certain cases, but these should be put into a separate section and dealt with at one place. The ball is pumped. In order to develop and improve our interactive information and service range, we are keen to learn more about your personal path to studying in Germany and your individual perspective in a face-to-face-interview. Appropriate citations Every statement that you are making and that goes beyond basic textbook knowledge needs to be supported by an appropriate reference. With easy access to searchable literature databases there is no excuse anymore for overlooking a paper important to your work.

Course-specific, submissipn German language courses Yes Course-specific, integrated English language courses Yes. If such an omission is part of a manuscript to be published, this is usually found out rather quickly, often already during the peer review process.

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During the period of study, employment as a teaching or research assistant at gghb university or its non-university partners is possible. The doctoral programme is designed to bring these fields together, thus shaping a new generation of scientists who are equally familiar with quantitative and mathematical approaches as they are with the complexities thesiis biological nervous systems.


In preparing for the Discussion, I recommend collecting ideas and arguments in an unstructured manner while you are working on the other parts of the thesis.

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Log In Sign Up. Is it your first time at the Dana Cup if not how many times has your club participated? The same applies if experiments were carried out together with a colleague. Educational organisation Throughout the first year Master’s programmecurrent topics in molecular biology are taught by internationally renowned scientists in a comprehensive lecture series. The results of these projects are presented and discussed in seminars.

ggnb thesis submission

A third of the balls are a size 4 and two thirds are size 5. At all levels the research deals with the dynamical integration of spatially separated subsystems into functionally coherent processing architectures.

Last but not least, the city and the university offer a variety of activities for submissikn enthusiasts.

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Funding opportunities within the university For the MSc part of the programme, fellowships are available at approx. Doctoral students select three faculty members as their thesis committee, who closely monitor progress and advise the students with regard to their research project. In addition, comprehensive training in professional skills is offered, as well as submussion courses and industry excursions.

This is highly non-scholarly and cannot be excused by tight deadlines.

Log In Forgot password. Furthermore, it features a broad cultural programme, e. How to write a better thesis.

Often it is sufficient to refer to the appropriate figures in the Results section. The data should be succinctly stated, and you should avoid getting lost in details that do not contribute to the understanding of the experiment and the results you have obtained. Continuous feedback regarding academic performance is given to the students via evaluations of the lab rotation projects and in tutorials and seminars. In physics-oriented theses, it is particularly important to explain concepts which are essential for a proper understanding and appreciation of the questions addressed, the techniques applied, as well as of the results obtained.


Doctoral students are involved, to a moderate extent, in teaching e. Enrolment fees Enrolment fees are approx. A full description of a method does not obviate the need to provide appropriate references!

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Please note that restrictions may apply with your scholarship or work contract. Accommodation for thesks, students and excellent canteens run by the student services organisation “Studentenwerk” allow for a high quality of life at a low cost.

Students learn fundamental techniques applied in current research in methodology courses and interaction with members of participating research groups. Meals and drinks are also available at reduced prices at all university canteens. Actually, this is not a difficult matter.

Although we want to play well and progress in the tournament and to be acknowledged for our sportsmanship, the main goal is to give the team an experience they’ll never forget and meet football friends from around the world.

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Thank you so much! When I wrote my Diploma thesis in the 70ies, purification of mitochondria was a standard method in the lab and everyone quoted an old paper from the forties. The DAAD supports prospective students, undergraduates and graduates from all over the world in finding their path to studying in Germany.