Cost benefit analysis assessments of coastal defences take into account the cost of a defence and the value of the land and properties that it protects. Choose a stretch of coast with some variation. Coastal Protection Methods from guesta38fc Use your highlighter pen on each key word as they are really important for your exam. Task 2 – Make a sketch of the image above right. Flood risk at a coastal location can be quantified by taking into account the likelihood of flooding occuring and the severity of a breach or overtopping of sea defences. Here are some densities of rocks often used for rip-rap.

Bay An indented area of land normally found between two headlands. Often it is a good idea to word the question so that people could respond with positive answers, negative answers or a mixture of the two. Evaluating the impact and severity of flooding behind coastal defences Severity of coastal flooding can be determined by considering the properties that would be affected by flooding, especially their economic value or worth if damaged. Length of coastline shown is approx 3km. If they find a crack or a joint they will start attacking it. Wave cut platforms are only visible at low tide.

Each sample should be placed in a sealed plastic bag and accurately labelled. Task 2 – Now watch the first 2. It is the highest section of the beach and is couesework sand accumulated on the strand line twigs, litter, seaweed, etc. RSA videos are those that are manipulated by speeding up, slowing down, time lapse and over dubbed with your voice.


gcse geography coursework coasts

The energy of the wind causes water particles to rotate inside the swell and this moves the wave forward. There are two ways of presenting statements: At each location, tally the number of different types of land use found.

Geography Coursework- Coasts – GCSE Geography – Marked by

Transportation – LSD 3. It’s not always caught on camera though. This information can then be used to calculate Hudson’s equation see Data Analysis.

gcse geography coursework coasts

The speed that a wave is traveling. Beach profiles Coarse sediment analysis: Rocks been thrown into the cliffs by waves and breaking off bits of the cliff.

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You can record your thoughts on the worksheet beneath. Groyne measurements Rip-rap volume and weight measurements. Groynes are wooden or concrete fences walls placed out into the sea to stop longshore drift happening. You can ask geographical questions about anywhere on the coast.

Here are a few suggestions: Samples of fine sediments clay,silt and sand will need to be taken from the beach to the lab. Use your tally chart to find the most common land use at each location.

Where are the hard defences at x? Wave Cut Notch and Wave Cut Platform Wave cut platforms are made in a similar ways to waterfalls and gorges rivers topic. Bays and Headlands Bays and headlands are formed in a very similar way to rapids rivers topic.

But there have been critics, such as the local MP, who has called the project ” Disney for ducks ” What could you investigate by fieldwork? The simplest way to record pebble shape is to classify the stone as very angular, angular, sub-angular, coazts, rounded or very rounded using a Power’s Scale of Roundness. Can the coastal management strategies at x be compared with strategies along a contrasting stretch geogtaphy coast?


Why is there a high risk of flooding at Happisburgh purple shading but little risk of flooding at Walcott?

Rocks, sand and stones being thrown into each other by the sea current and waves. This cohrsework land use and its associated score can then be used in the flood risk calculation.

Beach profiles can also be used to calculate cross-sectional area and gxse amount of beach material present. Are these hard defences sustainable? News reports and recent research articles provide interesting themes around which you can ask geographical questions.

Risk mapping Flood risk at a coastal location can be quantified by taking into account the likelihood of flooding occuring and the severity of a breach or overtopping of sea defences.

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How do these hard defences affect the beach sediment system? Longshore Drift or LSD is an important process on every beach. Photographs, map views and Google Earth views can help you. What type of erosion can you see evidence of?