I did it once, but somehow I managed to stay awake most of the time. The more you do the more you learn. I honestly thought she would leave me because she was back in Lithuania! I respect that Feng shared his knowledge on YouTube for free as well. For this sheet I did very rough sketches of most of the different elements, giving each a good amount of time but still moving around more than usual.

It is a form study sheet and additional form through color study. Because by drawing something down, your brain stores the information in long term memory I still remember some of the sketches I did back at ACCD 22 years ago! I went through wonderful sessions of Level Up and a lot of folks from my generation had the same thing. I went over budget a bit with that. Housing — It took me a month to find a suitable place.

However the second shool is the hardest in terms of homework and time management. If you need to learn how to get into a routine then schooling with a professional is the best way to go. Photoshop and 3D software are just tools. For me at that time YES.

It really shows schpol much can happen in 1 year with the right teaching and dedicated practice. After graduating I got some e-mails from FZD with suggestions for work opportunities.

A Student’s Perspective Studying At FZD School Of Design

People are generally kind and scuool when talking to you because there are a lot of international schools there. The teacher will give you an assignment and you can push yourself beyond your capabilities, or you can improve in micro steps.


But it was fast food and good enough for me. This keeps things fresh and reinforces the exercise of visualizing something in my head from multiple angles in 3D space.

I had a tough road ahead of me. We live in fzf age where the internet provides countless resources. I also highly recommend skimming their YouTube channel for some neat promo videos. Vis Comm 1 cover the concept of “draw through.

Drawing Post: FZD Term 1 – Fundamentals

I get as far I can with limited pallet, I then start introducing some one accent colors. Each week the topics are changed.

I now enroll at Learn Squared and their course is very detailed and informative. The approach for the Komodo study was inspired by an FZD assignment. I did it once, but somehow I managed to stay awake most of the time. Also I was fzf lucky enough to connect with many other people from my class before arriving to Singapore.

It can be incredibly overwhelming. Thus, students must first understand how to hommework and “see” in 3D. It also exercises changing details of reference to challenge yourself with using your imagination to fill gaps.

fzd school homework

Determination, not giving up, keeping a clear goal in mind, working hard as fuck and always trying to do better work than the day before. Homework ranges from A3 pages per week. Tools are use to assist the designer, not the other way around.


I mean his work still blows me away today.

Feng Zhu Design: FZD Term 1 – Understanding The World

Take a chronometer and every time you are not doing homework put it on. They can tackle new subject matters and pickup design languages quickly. Teachers could help a lot too, except Feng as he was often busy doing work or teaching a class.

Posted by Anthony Sixto at 6: Homewprk had guys with like years in the industry and one of them was really pushing himself trying to improve. I finished FZD after toiling all year homewprk that was the first small step to beginning something I dreamed of doing. There were many factors, including that it was the cheapest school from the options I knew about.

fzd school homework

A lot of them take the approach that anybody can be an artist. I knew if I was going to do it I needed to invest as little time as schol to get started.