Nearby, two starving lions keep watch and try to attack Florante. He was saved by his cousin Menalipo, an archer from Epirus. He recaptured the palace and saved his father, the King, and Count Adolfo. Views Read Edit View history. Unbeknownst to him at that time, his father also desired Flerida.

He was surprised by the sight of a Persian flag waving atop the kingdom. He moved to Balanga, Bataan, in where he served as the assistant to the Justice of the Peace. While I was watching, I felt the students should at least have an idea of the story in order to fully appreciate it. It was here that he wrote Florante at Laura —in fact, the events of this poem were meant to parallel his own situation. One year later, Florante received a letter from his father, announcing the death of his mother. Even if Act I may have felt long with the introduction of characters and all the marching it had, the whole play was generally very entertaining. During his stay in Albania, Florante was invited to the royal palace and was glamoured of Laura, the daughter of King Linceo.

Five 5 of the ten 10 plays Balagtas wrote as recorded by Cruz are considered lost. He was the youngest of the four children of Juan Balagtaseesay blacksmith, and Juana de la Cruz. No original manuscript in Balagtas’ handwriting of any of his works has survived to the present day. This was all very educational, even for me. Florante at Laura is written in a peculiar literary form known as Awit lit.

Upon his deathbed, he asked the favor that none of his children become poets like him, who had suffered under his gift as well as under others. He is saved, just in time, by Aladin, a Persian prince who happens to be at the forest at the same time. Menandro, unwilling to be separated from him, accompanied him on his journey. Newer Post Older Post Home.


Balagtas wrote the epic during his imprisonment. The son of a princess and a royal adviser, Florante grew flrante in happiness, showered with love. While her love was away at war, Count Adolfo used deceit to gain popularity and turned the people of Albania against their king. The girls even had especially loud cheers for the young actors who played the young Florante and Adolfo during their student days at the Atena.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. As written in play form by multi-awarded writer Bonifacio Ilagan, the story was still delivered in verse form, a “komedya”, with a narrator to link the scenes together.

essay tungkol sa florante at laura

The famous epic Florante at Laura is regarded as his defining work. I hope the teachers and esxay take time to read the playbill for this valuable information. The poet lists down Balagtas’ works and recreates some of his plays based on scenes and lines memorized by the poet’s children.

Retrieved January 8, Balagtas also wrote in the Ladino style of poems that were popular among his contemporaries.

essay tungkol sa florante at laura

She shares that while deep in the forest, she heard cries for help, and upon finding a lady about to be raped, she uses her bow and arrow to kill the assailant. I just rationalized that these techniques were employed to make the play more lively for its young audiences. During florrante curtain call, the students erupted into spontaneous and appreciative applause.


Francisco Balagtas

While Florante was fighting battles for his country abroad, the treacherous Adolfo, an old bitter rival of his, usurped power and named himself king.

While I was watching this play, I found the acting of the cast to be really exaggerated and florid in style. Captaincy General of tungkll Philippines. Views Read Edit View history. Weak and bewildered, Florante faints.

Inhe was appointed as the Major Lieutenant, but soon after was convicted and sent to prison again in Bataan under the accusation that he ordered Alferez Lucas’ housemaid’s head to be shaved.

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essay tungkol sa florante at laura

Only 3 of Balagtas’ works survived complete and intact to this day. In his book, he reconstructs five 5 plays. Florante at Laura “Florante and Laura” full title: The said play is a staple among high school students as a classroom requirement. Adolfo had Florante tied to a tree xa the jungle to be eaten by wild esssay, while wanting to marry Laura for himself.

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