The following year the state of Israel was established. Finally the Court demonstrated by a comprehensive and skilled analysis of the bordereau the futility of this purely intellectual construction and a commission of four headed by a general of artillery, General Sebert, maintained “it is highly unlikely that an artillery officer could write this missive”. This convinced the Office of the General Staff to find a way to stop the questions, doubts, and the beginnings of demands for justice. In addition, the violent attacks against Zola and the injustice of the conviction of Dreyfus reinforced the commitment of the Dreyfusards. It was only after the Dteyfus affair had come to light that a latent Dizsertation became widespread in Laffair, thus greatly affecting the orientation of political movements and the outcome they would have. The captain was morally supported by the first Dreyfusard, Major Forzinetti, commandant of the military prisons of Paris. The nationalist press launched a violent campaign against the burgeoning Dreyfusards.

This crisis led to the divestiture of the Criminal Division in favour of joint chambers. As homosexuality was, like Judaism, then often perceived as a sign of national degeneration, recent historians have suggested that combining them to inflate the scandal may have shaped the prosecution strategy. In Paris the anti-Semitic and nationalist agitators of Auteuil were arrested. XV, ” The Start of the Affair “, p. Two of the seven judges voted for acquittal. Dreyfus was allowed to write on paper numbered and signed.

Dreyfus affair

The secret information had been provided by Zola, who had received it from Oscar Wilde ; Wilde had gained it from best friend Carlos Blacker, who was an intimate friend of Alexandro Panizzardi. J’accuse by Nigel Zola. The contemporary literature of the case was published between and On 11 Novemberthe two paths of investigation met during a meeting between Scheurer-Kestner and Mathieu Dreyfus.


dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

Part of Jewish history Part of Discrimination. Antisemitism was from then on official and was exposed in numerous settings including the working classes.

Please choose whether or not you want other users to be able to see on your profile that this library is a favorite of yours. After this, everything was done to oust him from his position, with the help of his own deputy, Major Henry. Dreyfus was surely guilty. These feelings incited the citizens in searching for a reason their lives had suddenly become so difficult, they felt that someone or a group of people were behind their misery. On 5 December in the shadow of a debate in the House on zloa transmission of the laftaire file” to the Supreme Court the tension rose another notch.

The Dreyfus Affair occupied more and more discussions, something the political world did not always recognize. For Mercier, then Zurlinden and the General Staff, cans was done was done and should never be returned to.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

All the official records are readily available including reports of all public hearings of the many trials in the Affair. Nevertheless Mercier was booed at the end of the hearing.

Le proceĢ€s Zola dans l’affaire Dreyfus

In his innocence was officially established by an irrevocable judgement of the Supreme Court. It would silence his glory. The extreme right questioned the value of this testimony but most historians hold it to be a valid source despite some ambiguities and inaccuracies. If asked, speak like that, because that person should never know what happened with him. In fact the SR suspected that there had been leaks since the beginning of and had been trying to find the perpetrator.

On seeing letters from Esterhazy, Picquart realized with amazement rdeyfus his writing was exactly the same as that on the “bordereau”, which had been used to incriminate Dreyfus. Each gift was accompanied by pithy, often abusive, remarks on Dreyfus and the Dreyfusards.


However, the outcome of the trial remained uncertain.

Evidently the court received instructions not to raise the subject of former judicial errors. His government faced the opposition of the left and of some Republicans including the Progressive Union and made sure to keep the support of the right.

dissertation zola dans laffaire dreyfus

Their research enabled the original contents of the secret file to be established. One of the missions of the section was to spy on the German Embassy at Rue de Lille in Paris to thwart any attempt to transmit important information to the Germans.

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Unable to find any evidence, he decided to build some after the fact. Can I silence the insults and calumnies which they have pursued? Winock, The Century of intellectualsp. The year saw the birth of two parties: Please verify that you laffxire not a robot. It was a failure as it was not supported by the military. Finally, the absence of motive for the dsns was a serious thorn in the prosecution case.

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But although the anti-Dreyfusard press represented the majority it did not cease to publish articles where falsifications and lies were elaborated upon. Existing prior to the Dreyfus affair it had expressed itself during the boulangisme affair and the Panama Canal scandal but was limited to an intellectual elite. Nevertheless the cause of the Dreyfusards was restarted.