Please enter the message. This focuses on the testimony of John Dean, a counsel to President Richard Nixon and a prosecution witness in the Watergate trial. The Quraysh of the sixth to mid-eighth centuries have been chosen because the genealogical data available on this cohort in this time period enjoy a unique amount of detail — indeed, it will be argued that in terms of volume and nature these data are without comparison in all pre-modern human historiography. Humans are therefore biologically capable of creating the nasab tradition. He did not realise that some of these conversations were recorded however, and in the two instances when they could be compared there was almost no correlation between what he reported people as saying and the transcripts of the tapes. Remember me on this computer. In the first instance, we have already shown that concubinage was not a common practice of the conquered societies, and where it did it appear it was phrased in terms of condemnation — the Muslims could not therefore have borrowed it.

Answering this question is the subject of this chapter and the two that follow. But the large number of conversions of Mazdean notables to Christianity e. This ambivalence over things contemporary extends to his own family; we know nothing of his mother or grandmother, and he does not include himself. After a discussion on terminology and some minor methodological issues, this chapter will show that the quantitative analysis of the Nasab Quraysh provides us with a narrative of the evolution concubinage superior to those narratives derived solely from the traditional historical sources. Ferishta apud Dow, Hist. Establishing these affiliations is a thousand times more laborious than extracting and bringing [them] together. This is in order to make it easier for computer programs to quickly sort names into an alphabetical list.

By however, two of the tribes had disappeared, and the creation myth accordingly mentioned only five sons.

The rise in concubinage coincides with the conquests, which would have given the Quraysh access dizsertation large numbers of slave women. Following the conquests the picture changes; large numbers of these women arrive in the Islamic world and an unknown number of Arab men had children with them.


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In Chapter Two, the nasab genre will be considered as a whole and particular attention will be paid to the different sub-genres of nasab. Biological Sciencesno.

But the Goldziher argument does have one piece of incontrovertible evidence — the change in status of the mothers of the caliphs from freeborn to slave. These would have looked more like books than the notes used to support the oral performance of genealogy that the Arabs had previously relied on abbassises the preservation of genealogical memory.

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But perhaps exclusion was the point. By abbassiddes these methods to records of their marriage behaviour, it will be shown that the pre-Islamic Quraysh led a far more marginal existence than is widely thought, and that in the post- Islamic period they were surprisingly flexible with regard to their marriage practices and ideas on group membership.

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Each sub-category has its own historiographic narrative, but this part of the story is only cursorily treated — despite the fact that the subcategories have been recognised by both contemporaries of the genealogists and by most modern scholars.

Looking at this from a strictly legal perspective i.

Abû Dolâma : poète bouffon de la cour des premiers califes abbassides

As a result, the issue of exogamy and endogamy is served by a wealth of information and approaches that have accumulated over the course of years of academic and non- academic study. University of Manchester Press, Islam International Publications Ltd. Three cohorts of men have been chosen for this: Prosopography and early Islamic abbassiddes Prosopography is taken here to disserfation the collective study of a group of historical actors. These include in no particular order: Find a copy in the library Finding libraries that hold this item Genealogical memory can be very accurate and consistent in some respects, but it can also be highly divergent and contradictory in others.


As he les Mass there, he was accused of destroying the temple and subsequently imprisoned. For this period, sources mention three centers of persecution: Finding libraries that hold this item Abbaxsides WorldCat Find items in libraries near you.

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Additionally, by applying the methodologies discussed above, we further demonstrate that the nasab tradition is particularly well-suited to statistical analysis. Genuenses, in Muratori, Script. Finally, in Chapter Eight, we will analyse the marriages of a third cohort — the Umayyad caliphs and their sons. Princeton University Press, However, formatting rules can vary widely between applications and fields of interest or study.

After a discussion on terminology and some minor methodological issues, this chapter will show that the quantitative analysis of the Nasab Quraysh provides us with a narrative of the evolution concubinage superior to those narratives derived solely from the traditional historical sources.

The existence of these alterations should not therefore undermine our overall approach.

It is the emergence of these three attributes that concerns us here. In the following section it will be argued that the constituent parts of the Nasab Quraysh exhibit internal structures, and that the rules governing these structures also break down in the Zubayrid section. Underlying reasons for the emergence of nasab literature 3: Remembering in Natural Contexts, ed. To resolve this issue we have taken the somewhat novel approach of organising individuals generationally.