B and F are insignificant for either of the outputs and therefore removed,which results, after updating the ANOVA, in a full factorial design withtwo replications Table 5. The print head always moves back to theorigin in X before moving in Y-direction Fig. Making it open software! A dirty print head can lead to blocked nozzles, which yield a smallerflow rate. Julkisten verovaroilla toimivien laitosten, koulujen ym. Als Software-Entwickler kann ich dem nur zustimmen! We must own our tools else be slaves to rent.

That is, for example, the print-ing mode, support material composition, environmental conditions ofstorage of raw materials and test-specimens, printing and testing. When the parts are farapart, the print head still has to move twice, but the radiated lightonly reaches one specimen. Aging effect on elastic modulus E , ultimate tensile strength u and total strainat break u. It’s best for institutions long-term. We don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Taxpayer money should only go to the deployment and further development of software that is publicly available and open-source.

Since blocked nozzles can lead to arough surface, which changes the spreading behavior of the next layers’liquid [46], the print head is thoroughly cleaned before each print. Open Source is the best way to improve many services, in many domains.

This will bring a greater clarity and transparency in the governance.

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The one-factor-at-a-timemethod is used to preliminarily test for thefactors that are both of interest and potentially time-saving in the maintests.

The dimensions and surface roughnesses are measured on aMitutoyo Micrometer Series accuracy of 2 m and a Perthenperthometer M4P, respectively.

Ten specimens are printedper tray, vktae longitudinally in Y and transversely in theZ-direction.


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It is important to learn about the five remaining factors prior toperforming the main DoE test, because they can increase the accuracyand especially efficiency of the following tests. It makes elementary sense that IP funded by the public should belong to the public, notwithstanding national security or strategy exceptions. We need ones that will fight for us, the common folk! Please don’t allow corporations unjust, exclusive, control over public healthcare and school systems.

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Second, inhomogeneity also occurswithin the layers. Due to continuous improvement of material formulations, there is alsoa new VeroWhite material VeroWhitePlus Fullcure availablewhat is tested and compared in this paper.

curriculum vitae mihail udroiu

Kaczmarska, Estimating the uncertainty of tensilestrengthmeasurement for a photocuredmaterial produced by additivemanufacturing,Metrol. De Marchi, Improving the statistical accuracy of. G Two batches with different expiry dates one year apart, denotedas and of the same material type are examined.

As before, all maineffects are part of the interaction effects.

Të Gjitha Firmat Publike

Yes it is important, because if regulators will continue use propriaritary soft, blockchain tech destroy governance institutes much faster. The Objet Connex can printup to three discrete materials at a time and was also studied by Barcliftand Williams [6]. Es geht nicht an, dass mit Steuergeldern entwickelte Software von einem Unternehmen kostenpflichtig angeboten werden kann. Why lock oneself curricukum and pay premium when you can collaborate cheaply on a software handfitted for your use?

If a factor is of curricylum, but hard tochange, blocks can be integrated [21]. We can’t have privative software controlling our lives.


curriculum vitae mihail udroiu

Deshalb fordere ich als Teil der Jugend auch eine zukunftsorientierte Politik! Jeder sollte das Recht haben Software zu verbessern die mit Teilen seines Geldes finanziert worden sind. The paper is organized as follows. The t-test also provides a significance level Fig. Design of Experiments DoE is an efficient and established testmethod and commonly used in industry and research [6]. However, many of these investigations are based on mihaip printermodels and have in common that they do not take into account impor-tant considerations such as factor interaction or over-curing effects.

Fabrication and removal of support material All specimens are printed on a Stratasys Objet Connex3, whichstands in an air-conditioned room. Statistical method The experimental design is based on the procedure presented inSection 2 and shown in Fig.

Free software enables human potential. Please Implement legislation requiring that publicly financed software developed for the public sector be made publicly mihai. Proprietary software is only good for increasing the bottom line of companies at the expense of everyone else. If your objection to this are security reasons, it has to be pointed out that security through obscurity doesn’t really solve the issue.

Transparentes geben und Nehmen. Ascreening design gives a rough overviewwith a poor statistical accuracy[33].