Make sure you plan ahead and schedule your week to get the most out of this great opportunity. Along with understanding and interpreting emotions, it is equally important for leaders to understand the impact of emotions on individual and organisational performance. Sometimes, video is also possible. He believes that for us to truly liberate our workforce we need to give them the confidence to trust that being wrong or failing does not make you a failure. There are a couple of firsts for the University. To name myself as an expert in my own right in that field, on that specific issue, would be wrong and almost fraudulent.

It has also sharpened their critical thinking skills. What does effective policing leadership look like to you? Leadership also appears to be about capacity. How is Hydra being used by the School? Perhaps this, more than anything else is the terrible consequence of austerity, financial constraint and cuts to the service… A slow demise of the service from a thousand cuts leading to a profound loss of trust and confidence within. At the front end of fast decision making sometimes the only expert we have to rely on is ourselves and the advice of those directly around us. Which in turn, generates a similar solution to a problem, which should have already been solved by the people who think and act in a similar way to the process, which are already there?

Context 12 pp Ghul R Commentary on: The question was also asked whom we were talking about when it comes to leadership. Outputs of expert knowledge The other question within this debate relates to the practical products produced from this created expert knowledge. Outstanding leaders recognise the interconnected nature of their organisations and act accordingly.

Emotionally intelligent leaders consider how their team members may react to a decision, and then attempt to make decisions that will fit in with the shared values of the team.

How has Hydra facilitated with your teaching? Plan and decide effectively. This then leads to effective innovation and change.


Therefore they gather information from an array of, in the case of policing, practitioners, who have the lived experience of the matter in hand. What is our combined national vision?

CCCU. Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument 3ed

He then argues that we will all have known people who do not have authority or positional power and yet they are critica in every sense and we would absolutely follow them. It is about challenging, discussing and learning from others whilst encouraging and motivating others tihnking achieve their potential.

Power and privilege is critial key influencing factor in the conversation about expertise. Every year the University takes part in several major national surveys that enable you to provide thinikng with valuable feedback that will help us to shape the future of Canterbury Christ Church University. It is great and he kindly agreed that I could share it with you on here.

Surely, it follows that the candidates are all likely to be thinking and probably be acting the same way? Part of that involved a survey for officers to complete prior to the chat. In addition, staff that were using and supporting the Hydra system had to go on a two day training course to be certified to manage and support Hydra.

Critical Thinking Skills: Developing Effective Analysis and Argument 3ed

I may be overthinking this but surely there are some critical questions that problematise the term expert and they, for me, fall into three categories. By allowing time for thinking about and digesting the pictures as cdcu as the text, and then engaging pupils in classroom discussion, this book highlights a powerful means of developing children’s oral language ability, critical thinking, and visual literacy, while also acting as a rich resource for developing children’s literary understanding.

For example hotspot policing reduces crime but hotspot policing also impacts individual professionalism.

In December I tweeted that I was thinking of writing this blog — aimed at unpicking the term expert. Research thinkint by Hesketh and Jacques on the welfare of those in the emergency services showed that leadership has a huge impact on discretionary effort from staff and can be lost if the environment changes, and the leadership does not adapt to meet that change.


Perhaps this, more than anything else is the terrible consequence of austerity, financial constraint and cuts to the service… A slow demise of the service from a thousand cuts leading to a profound loss of trust and confidence within.

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The ability to step into and out of different styles and to navigate societal changes will likely distinguish the successful thinkong leaders in the 21 st century.

Williams and Norman found that current officers sensed unfairness about the integration of direct entry inspectors for example. The critical themes of modern policing of innovation, technology, collaboration and community all appear to have the same thinkung, effective leadership. It is what the Police Leadership Review articulates and that is what we should all aspire to achieve.

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This controversial area will be debated. Skip to content Simulation Information about simulation systems and software.

So who is the expert? However, even this change in thinkijg may not be enough to keep up with the pace of changing expectations in society.


Management is a set of processes that keep a complicated system of people and technology running smoothly. We are the first university to be using the new web-based Hydra in the Cloud system that can operate on tablets, laptops, and desk computers with no addition software installed. The recording captures the sound and what is displayed on the screen in the room.

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A team of staff will run the simulation via a central control room and will observe the behaviours and requests of each team interacting with the simulation.