Help Center Find new research papers in: BPR implementation in Tabular 16 form In addition, the ultimate success of BPR depends on the people who do it and on how well they can be committed and motivated to be creative and to apply their detailed knowledge to the reengineering initiative. Top management has to be willing to dedicate substantial training resources to educate the workforce about the four mechanisms and how they work. The organization we examined was Honeywell Inc. The idea of empowerment is to push decisions down to where the work is actually done.

It can also be completely redesigned or eliminated altogether. By informing and convincing all affected groups at every stage, and emphasizing the positive end results of the reengineering process, it is possible to minimize resistance to change and increase the odds for success. Which capabilities matter for successful business process change? Tradition counts for nothing. Skip to search form Skip to main content. Equivalently to the critique brought forward against BPR, BPM is now accused of focusing on technology and disregarding the people aspects of change.

BPR for organisational renewal and growth. Which capabilities matter for successful business process change?

A BPR case study at Honeywell

To succeed at reengineering, you have to be a visionary, a motivator, and a leg breaker. Since teams have little experience with the new paradigm, goal setting will tend to be based on the past.

case study on bpr of honeywell

IT is a necessary, but not a sufficient, enabler IT is not a panacea. Business Change of Mythic Proportions? Tradition counts for nothing. Since then, considering business processes as a starting point for business analysis and redesign has become a widely accepted approach and is a standard part of the change methodology portfolio, but is typically performed in a less radical way as originally proposed. Change management is the discipline of managing change as a process, with due consideration that employees are people, not programmable machines.


He could not see the cross-functional or cross- specialization nature of the problem because of his narrow focus on materials flow. For example, it may include members with the following characteristics: Click here to sign up. The idea of empowerment is to push decisions down to where the work is actually done. Patience is also needed. ot

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IT-enabled redesign of complex and dynamic business processes: Even well established management thinkers, such as Peter Drucker and Tom Peters, were accepting and advocating BPR as a new tool for re- achieving success in a dynamic world. This mixture of results makes the issue of BPR implementation very important. PaperJames A. He would manage sub-optimally because every problem was solved through materials flow.

Walmart, for example, would not have been able to reengineer the processes used to procure and distribute mass-market retail goods without IT. Competition is continuously increasing with respect to price, quality and selection, service and promptness of delivery.

case study on bpr of honeywell

Especially we have highlighted some major debates currently found in the literature of BPR. BPR must be business-driven and continuous Process improvements should be aligned with business hneywell. They help identify essential goals for BPR within each department and then collectively define objectives for how the project will impact each work group or department on individual basis and the business organization as a whole.


A specific limitation is that this case is industry-specific. Change is implicitly driven by motivation which is fuelled by the recognition of the need for change. C ase Studies BPR success factors are a collection of lessons learned from reengineering projects and from these lessons common themes have emerged.

Basic questions are asked, such as “Does our mission need to be redefined? It can also be completely redesigned or eliminated altogether.

A BPR case study at Honeywell – Semantic Scholar

However, information is for people. Ford was able to decrease its headcount in the oh department by 75 percent by using IT in conjunction with BPR, in another well-known example. Era after 4 8.

By clicking accept or continuing to use the stkdy, you agree to the terms outlined in our Privacy PolicyTerms of Serviceand Dataset License. Lessons learned from the case study of Honeywell Lesson one: An important step towards any successful reengineering effort is to convey an understanding of the necessity for change.