There are a number of online services that will do this. Below are some resources that introduce and explain the centre ideas of this concept. This promises to be a very interesting and enjoyable Case Study with many opportunities for first-hand investigations with wearable technologies. IFTTT pronounced like ‘gift’ without the ‘g’ is a system providing automation of devices and services through simple sets of rules called recipes. Submit a new text post.

It is located as the very last item under Assessments. Note that the subreddit is not run by the International Baccalaureate. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your e-mail address will not be published. What are these formats? Follow ITGS on social media: Is it possible for you to send me this case study? Some initial searches have resulted in comprehensive charts such as the following produced by Beecham Research.

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itgw Apple WatchFitBitand Misfit pages all contain a wealth of information. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Every Step you Fake is an indepth report on the privacy, security, and integrity issues related to several modern activity trackers. This article is much easier to read and understand than the dense policies on most company’s sites.

The virtual doctor visit Washington Post is another good example of how conditions like diabetes can be managed in this way.

XML is a way of structuring data in a standard database-like format so that it can be transmitted over various protocols. One of the reasons I have included Control 4 here is their unique website layout: Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The Telegraph reports that the British NHS plans for patients to be remotely monitored in a ‘digital revolution’ of the service.


ITGS Case Study 2017 – Wearable technology

There is no true meaning to a text. This BBC video explains how Alzheimer’s patients can be tracked with satellite technology. May Examination Schedule. Want to add to the discussion? I don’t think the IB is outdated as such, and definitely not for their itys study; It’s rather giving you a hint about what the questions could be.

This is a sector where technology is changing rapidly.

case study 2017 itgs

dase Malibu Wired has a wide range of home automation products At the centre of Loxone’s smart home systems is their Miniserver, to which all other devices are connected. You should start learning about it. Introduction Strand 1 1. The new Case Study Submit a new link.

ITGS Textbook | Case Study – Wearable Technology (Paper 3)

Green Peak’s website divides the transition to smart homes into three steps, and suggests that the Internet of Things will be the final step in the process. The site is primarily in French but there is an English-language page about the project here. Home Automation is a short video which demonstrates a real-life home that has been converted into a smart home by a technology enthusiast.


case study 2017 itgs

2071 discusses many benefits of how connected devices could help us from the moment we wake up in the morning. The structure also allows for the import of the data into various applications. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your e-mail address will not be published. Introduction Strand 1 1.

Are we living through a Lens? Flairs Make sure to choose a flair for your username! Subscribe to RSS feed. Both resources are at the beginning stages since the work on the Case Study will start in September in preparation for the May exam.

The format for the XML code provides a database-type structure for the data as demonstrated on the following website. As can be seen from many examples on this site, privacy sttudy be an issue even when data is seemingly anonymous.

You should really cover the security and privacy aspects of it and seeing whether wearables actually make people active or athletic. Both are explained on the website below.