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Author Wheat cells accumulate a syringyl-rich lignin during the hypersensitive resistance response Phytochemistry 68 4 , [ This change currently affects dissertations from the faculties stated below, which have implemented new doctoral degree regulations and guidelines: Author ; Lohse, M. Author ; Hukelhoven, R. Author ; Daims, H.

Author ; O’Donnell, K. Author ; Allegre, M.

Author ; Jacob, C. Author ; Jawad Nasim, M. Author Characterization of the model system rice-Magnaporthe for the study of nonhost resistance in cereals New phytologist 4[ Thesis advisor ; Slusarenko, A.

dissertaton Author Downy mildew of Arabidopsis caused by Hyaloperonospora arabidopsidis formerly Hylaoperonospora parasitica ; 1. Author ; Gaetgens, J. Author ; Aha, J. Author ; Volrath, S.

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Author ; Brayford, D. Author ; Cagan, L.

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Author ; Zabbai, F. Author ; Suter Grotemeyer, M. Author ; Graessner, B. Author ; Hauser, N.

Author Systemic acquired resistance in rice: Author ; Hunziker, P. Author ; Jacob, K. The number of copies you need dissertation submit will depend upon the doctoral degree regulations and the form of publication. Author ; Pichersky, E. Author Control of plant diseases by natural products: Deutsche Pflanzenschutztagung vom 5.

Author ; Korzun, V.

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You are then free to republish your work at any time. Author ; Schlaich, N. Author ; Muller, B. Corresponding author An organ-specific view on non-host resistance Frontiers in Functional Plant Ecology 6[ Author ; Schuenemann, D.