Case Study Axeon N. Chapter 17 Expanding the Business. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Performance Evaluation and Compensation. Acquiring new companies in other countries as subsidiaries. The headquarters of Axeon wants to keep the control on the subsidiaries and refuses to give autonomy to them.

We think you have liked this presentation. Women’s World Chess Champions. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Giving autonomy to subsidiaries: CSF -Elements necessary for an organization or project to achieve its mission. Why did Mr van Leuven behave as he did? Management behavior — Mr.

Project feasible and attractive Should qxeon specified and shown figures about the market study Main problem: It is a better choice to keep the production in the Netherlands, because: Increase production in Netherlands and distribute through UK.

What do you feel about the initial analysis?

axeon nv case study

Manufacturing in the Netherlands: What do you feel about the initial analysis? What do you believe to be the CSF in Axeon? Projects should get approval first by the subsidiary and then by Axeon board of directors. The salary axeno the managers depends on the subsidiaries profit The subsidiaries can produce the product that they deemed appropriated.


Axeon N.V ME2028 Behavioural Management Control

To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors. Management behavior — Mr.

axeon nv case study

Partner reward — a help or a hindrance to effective business development? AR should be supplied from Netherlands with negotiated transfer price.

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Have a centralized process concerning the approval of projects. Why did Mr Van Leuven behave as he did? Lack of scenario analysis Price variations, Inflation.

High degree of decentralisation and autonomy in decision-making. Auth with cae network: What is Axeon’s corporate strategy?

axeon nv case study

Different independent subsidiaries Decentralised organisation Results controls Objectives settled Bonus plan providing rewards Action controls Action Accountability Preaction reviews Personnel controls Empowerment of the subsidiaries and his employees Selects and places competent employees Train employees. Economies of scale and synergies: Because the company is dependent on its production and sales, the key recurring activities are: Benefit from economies of scale, synergies.

Use of external knowledge by acquiring specialized companies in different regions. What is your topic? Upload document Create flashcards. Why did Mr van Leuven behave as he did? Ng are different transfer-pricing alternatives: Strategic Human Resource Management Chapter 1. What do you feel about the initial analysis?


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Should design Reward system for subsidiary management executives according to market share responsibility even though the product is produced at Axeon. Managers can propose development new product adeon possible build their own manufacturing plants.

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Management Challenge an exploration of business This computer simulation give you and the others: