There is the Foreign Legion each character has a different nationality and a different story to tell , and finally there is the Grand Hotel people coming and going. In reality there is also a third Gift, the Gift Rick makes of his own desire, sacrificing himself. Arrest and tentative escape of Ugarte. Limited resources and the unity of place, due to the theatrical origin of the story, suggested an admirable condensation of events in a single setting. Shaumian – – Russian Studies in Philosophy 5 1:

This explains why, in the story, she does not, in fact, choose her fate: It would be nice to identify our archetypes scene by scene and shot by shot, stopping the tape at every relevant step. See sections 14, 15 and 31 of Lodge ed. When the choice of the tried and true is limited, the result is a trite or mass-produced film, or simply kitsch. Maybe one will come to you as you go along. At once a tangle of Eternal Archetypes comes into play.

Cult Movies and Intertextual Collage”. Moreover, we are interested in finding those frames that not only are recognizable by the audience as belonging to a sort of ancestral intertextual tradition but that also display a particular fascination.

However, it must have some quality. Towards a Posthumanist Cinema?

umberto eco casablanca essay

First, African music, then the Marseillaise. Borrowings to Create Anew: For we sense dimly that the cliches are talking among themselvesand celebrating a reunion. On a smaller scale, the same thing happened to Casablanca.


Two Weeks in Another Town. But they do achieve purity through sacrifice – and this means Redemption.

Casablanca: Cult Movie | Emanuel Levy

The work must be loved, obviously, but this is not enough. It is jmberto, quite subliminally, a hint of male or Socratic love is established. Mikhail Gasparov – – Sign Systems Studies 30 2: In The Role of the Reader I distinguished between common and intertextual frames. One consequence of this way of looking at language has been to encourage comparative study of literary and visual media, especially in the area of narrative.

Casablanca is a cult movie precisely because all the archetypes are there, because umbert actor repeats a part played on other occasions, and because human beings live not “real” life but life as stereotypically portrayed in previous films: Every story involves one or more archetypes. Flashback as a content and flashback as a form. The interplay of unhappy loves produces caeablanca twists and turns: Let us take a marginal but revealing example.

Play it again, Sam. A Czech Resistance leader, Victor Laszlo, turns up with his wife, Ilse Ingrid Bergmanwho had a love affair with Rick in Paris just before the German Occupation, when she believed her husband to be dead. One is America though for many it is a false goaland the other is the Resistance – the Holy War.

In a way, Bananas works for cultivated “cinephiles” while Raiders works for Casablanca -addicts. According to Ingrid Bergman, the film was apparently being made up at the same time that it was being shot. On discovering that he was alive, she parted from Rick without explanation.


Unhappy Love, for example, or Flight. In this defeat, however, an additional element plays a part, so subtly that it almost escapes the level of consciousness.

umberto eco casablanca essay

What then is the fascination of Casablanca? Limited resources and casablanxa unity of place, due to the theatrical origin of the story, suggested an admirable condensation of events in a single setting.

Casablanca: Cult Movie

Nature has spoken in place of men. I think that in order to transform a work into a cult object one must be able to break, dislocate, unhinge it so that one can remember only parts of it, irrespective of their original relationship with the whole.

umberto eco casablanca essay

That is where Victor has come from, and that is where Rick and the captain are going, to join de Gaulle. Rick is now the Eoc Lover, or the Cynical Seducer. Another and different case is the quotation of the topical duel between the black Arab giant with his scimitar and the unprotected hero, in Raiders of the Lost Ark.