Design for children, too often, has been conflated with bright colors, bold shapes, and shoddy construction. Calendar of Events Emprise: Participants will be introduced to a range of techniques for constructing compelling narratives about images, objects, and spaces. These hyper-renderings have helped popularize […]. Saturday, May 2 – Saturday, May 16 Reception:

Objects designed to provide safety can still put you in life or death situations, just like their earlier, unsafer, predecessors. Applications being accepted as space available; priority enrollment deadline April 15, Calendar of Events Emprise: Eren Su Kibele Yarman: Through the site, friends and family can find a destination, book their trip and divide the bill as they choose. From this point of view, rooms inhabited by children are doubly fraught, reflecting not only clues to the identity of the child but the viewpoints of parents as well. This research provides a window into this logic, by identifying the themes and symbols recurring in North Korean posters, and considering their […].

Its unique design captures the character of the neighborhood, which would feel alien if placed thesos a different part of the city. Saturday, May 2 – Saturday, May 16 Reception: Use Only as Directed: Four Fold, a publisher and pioneer of evocative and sensuous digital art books for readers, artists and lovers of new electronic media.

Katya Mezhibovskaya visits the apartments of young New Yorkers to find cultural meaning in their possessions and domestic arrangements.

Artist Elizabeth Demaray sets out to solve thesix severe housing shortage among the hermit crab population of North Eastern America.

MFA Design provides the tools, inspiration and experience to ensure that students transcend the common definition of designers as solely service providers to become individual and collaborative authors and originators of content.

Design fiction, inherently a practice grounded in narrative, aims to create believable speculative fictions about future objects through storytelling. You will experiment with different research methods, writing formats, and complete several projects across media, including a collaboratively produced publication.


sva mfad thesis

As a father with kids who like stuff and me also liking stuff, I have a lot of stuff. Historically, maps produced by the US National Park Service have reflected a commitment to resource protection, public education, and stewardship.

Characterized by the revamping of large swaths of land and the creation of new neighborhoods comprising some blend of residential, commercial, and perhaps cultural spaces, these projects represent a new chapter in the evolution of city building, and an interesting cross-pollination of the two fiercely opposing viewpoints of twentieth century city planning—those of Jane Jacobs and Robert Moses.

Thesis Opening Night I – MFA Design

That is, is a toy made in more similar to a desk made in or a toy made in ? Successful experience designers, self-identified or not, tend to employ similar strategies, especially when mfd comes to opening people up to risk in a caring way.

At the same time, as designers become an integral thesiw of large corporations, co-design is being oversimplified […]. The Exhibition, a quarterly, limited-edition art book that offers readers intimate access to the lives and work of gay artists based in New York City.

sva mfad thesis

The rooms we live in are sites where status, ideology, and anxiety surface materially: In recent years, design consultancies have packaged co-design as a methodology, codified for example in the form of free-access toolkits to help marginalized communities.

Narratology shows that empathizing with fictional characters can lead […]. mad

Today, New York City is in the midst of a construction boom. While many of these projects may not yet exist, architectural hyper-renderings, ostensibly, provide us with ways of envisioning how they will unfold within the urban fabric. Receive invitations to our public lectures and events. Al Midad, an iPad-specific ebook that functions as a practical guide and educational reference for designers and students interested in designing Arabic type. From this point sav view, rooms inhabited by children are doubly fraught, reflecting not only clues to the identity of the child but the viewpoints of parents as well.


This research will inform a lexicon for designing experiences, with a specific focus on experiences that aim for human enrichment.

Capsule, a web application service that enables users to create custom photobooks through a playful interface.

Venture Thesis Forum – MFA Design

QWRKOUT, an outdoor dance fitness program targeted at health-conscious urbanites and lovers of dance and the outdoors. Metropolis magazine associate editor Avinash Rajagopal on the most comforting shade of pastel blue known rhesis mankind. It is zva accessible by wheelchair. By looking at the design evolution of maps from the mid-twentieth century through today, it is possible to see how the values espoused by these maps have changed—and in fact promote an engagement with nature […].

Katya Mezhibovskaya on the color that puts the world at our fingertips.

SVA MA Design Research

From the wood and tubular steel constructions of the Bauhaus in the s, to the plastic pioneers of the s, the remarkable technical, material and aesthetic innovations made in design for children reflected—and often led—the wider design field.

Mezura, an online platform that allows customers to create one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing that are timeless and eco-conscious. This podcast considers the contemporary contexts—both physical and digital—of North Korean propaganda posters.

sva mfad thesis

Flock, a social travel booking website for groups travelling from separate locations.