Service Provider Perspectives 4: Honors Communities as a Catalyst for a Culture of Excellence? You may wish to work with a professor with whom you previously took a class, your major advisor, or someone with whom you have been working in a lab. Julia Minton The Triforce of Gaming: To address some of these issues, looking back I realized I used a qualitative approach to answer questions that the data could not tell me. The student does not pay additional tuition unless new credits are registered.

Amanda Drondin Effectiveness of the Socratic Method: For a three-credit senior thesis, students in humanities or social science disciplines will write a thesis consisting of approximately forty-five to sixty pages. Honors Thesis or Project: Olivia Waller Grief in Two Parts 3: How do we complete high quality research that shows the thesis adds value to an honors education while recognizing different approaches to research and acknowledging bias?

The concept of undergraduate research on our campus began in our Honors College and it is only fair to my predecessors and our alumni that I strive to continue their efforts Sederberg, Public History and the College Campus These situations really do happen; be prepared.

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Nutritional Choices of Students Several staff members were retiring, there was turnover in honors advisors, and the role of a thesis coordinator was being fulfilled hanrbook a newly hired Associate Dean. You must also select a date for your thesis defense in consultation with your Director and Second Reader. Nathanial Hanson Prevention, Awareness, and Treatment: Without further information provided in the guide, our initial research stopped here.

This date must then be submitted to the Honors College.

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Such items can include but are not limited to: The Honors College encourages you to do an independent study or research before beginning your senior thesis. Would this alleviate the hxndbook of a lack of consistency on defining an honors thesis on the national level and provide an easier way to conduct research on its value as part of an honors education?


schc senior thesis handbook

This date must then be submitted to SCHC. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. In this case, the Thesis Director is chosen from one field while the Second Reader is chosen to represent the second field.

INCs are granted for extenuating circumstances only; students may not assume that extensions of any kind will be granted. Zachary Alvarado and Xenior Prescott 17 Days You may enroll in a class during your sophomore year that captures your interest and serves as a springboard for your research.

Interdisciplinarity or creativity in subject choice is encouraged, however, provided that you and your Director feel the chosen topic is manageable. Out of the institutions listed in the table of contents, 72 mention having thedis honors senior thesis as part of their honors requirements National Collegiate Honors Council, However, research on this topic would be a beneficial contribution to the body of literature the value of an honors education.

Honors Thesis or Project: Manuscript Submission

Suggestions scnc revisions will be made both during and after the defense. Ross Lordo The Importance of Interdisciplinarity: However, family members, undergraduate students and friends are prohibited from serving as a Second Reader or Thesis Director. Thesis Guide The flexibility you have in selecting your topic is virtually limitless. My Honors College SC.

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However, you are ultimately responsible for monitoring your progress, keeping track of your remaining tasks, and meeting your deadlines. However, the Thesis Director may instead choose to senoor assigning a grade until after the revisions have been made to the paper. As the South Carolina Honors College approach the 50th celebration of the honors senior thesis, I look forward to continuing to work with our students on thfsis this tradition, transforming vague ideas into well-defined thesis topics.


Students who submit their work after the sixth week become eligible for the next graduation cycle, i.

schc senior thesis handbook

Your defense should be scheduled well in advance since you must accommodate the schedules of your Director, Second Reader, and the Honors College Dean.

However, the failure to delve into a requirement that many of us share with different expectations may result in a tradition changing so fast that it could disappear. In this case, you are advised to discuss the possibility of choosing hhesis different, more viable topic with the Thesis Director and Second Reader.

You are encouraged to delve deeply into a subject matter within your major or to pursue something entirely unrelated to your chosen degree. It should be noted that many students participate in these programs at times other than the second semester of their junior year and they are still required to complete SCHC and submit a thesis proposal.

schc senior thesis handbook

You must submit one copy of the pre-defense draft, complete with scholarly apparatus e.