Here are directions for downloading ActivInspire. Le phoque et le dauphin. It is hard for me to believe, but this is my sixteenth year of teaching! See note inside book kit. Listen and sing along to Bonjour! My husband is also a teacher 7 th -9 th grade life and earth science, physics so we enjoy a lot of family time in the summer. La famille qui aime les fruits.

Print out old handwriting homework below, use the above links, or check out these apps to help! Schoology Reading Practice Lesson 55 and Book Le muguet Book Kit Due Dates: I cannot imagine teaching anywhere but Normandale! Read Unit 2 Family Letter 1. I completed my Minnesota elementary education license certification and Master of Arts in Elementary Education in through the University of St.

normandale 3rd grade homework

InI tried something totally different and spent two years working as a Business Analyst in Merchandising specifically Dept. G, S Optional Practice. Le bonhomme de neige Book Kits. Meet The Third Grade Team.

Meet Mlle Wolf – room – 3rd Grade Resource Site

Edina Portal and see the directions above. Serendipitously, I stumbled 3dr a volunteer opportunity in to make a presentation in French to a 1 st grade class at Normandale.


I appreciate this opportunity to partner with normanndale After each response, hit “Submit. Here are a few options to practice the names of the continents and oceans in French. First, let me tell you a little about myself. I grew up in the Twin Cities and am a third-generation teacher.

Monsieur X Book Kits if applicable. Paper copy sent home – if lost, you may download and print here: Vole comme un aigle.

This is the first time I have one of my children in my class!

Meet The Third Grade Team – 3rd Grade Resource Site

Play your favorite “math” games: Tripatouille la grenouille Book Kits: Moodle Practice Activity 55 Poem: I have a Masters in Teaching and a Bachelors in French. I, J, Q Optional Practice. I started formally studying French at the age of Reading Practice Lesson “ill” Poem: This is not required, but encouraged if time allows. My first gfade of teaching in immersion was in Cairo, Egypt where I taught English to mostly Arabic-speaking children.

Softschools website 3 digit subtraction.

Normandale Elementary

Le phoque et le dauphin. I am a strong believer in the power of writing to expand and strengthen children’s thinking and intend to share this passion with my students.


In the summer ofI made a very conscientious decision to make a career change from business to education because, while I was fulfilling my professional goals, I was not fulfilling my personal goals. Review favorite poems Book Kit Due Dates if applicable: Online addition with carrying nomrandale I thoroughly enjoyed that experience and was thrilled to be given the chance to be an immersion teacher once again at Normandale in Money worksheet on back of checklist Counting Money online activity Choose: Besides teaching in the immersion setting, I have a variety of experiences as an ESL teacher and as a French teacher in the traditional world language setting.

My first years at Normandale were spent as a first grade teacher and then I shifted to third grade for three years. My husband and I enjoy ballroom dancing and tandem cycling together.

normandale 3rd grade homework

Reading Practice Lesson son euil and ouil Poem: Reading Practice Lesson 59 and Book 59 Poem: