Effect of Road width on driver behaviour studied using Acceleration Noise. These theses cover exhaustive areas of industrial engineering and management science such as Finance, Marketing, Optimization, ERP, Operation Management, heuristic development, simulation of business systems and Supply Chain Management. Settlement response of extensible geosynthetics reinforced granular fill — soft soil system. Integration of high-resolution imagery and lidar data for classifcation of urban area. Tech Category A B. BJP sweeps seats in at least 13 states India. Modeling Reinforcement temperature in R C structures susceptible to fires.

Web-based approach in documentation and management of Indian heritage. LiDAR data visualization system: A study for Seismic Isolation under long period waves of Near-Fault earthquakes. Estimation of residual displacement for Horizontal ground Motions. Static and dynamic interference of strip footings in layered soil. Study of flow through porous pavement subjected to variable rainfall.

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The reproduced material in contention describes a procedure to create tiny hair-like structures, found on the leaves of certain trees, on the surfaces of iktk to make them superhydrophobic — highly water-repellent. Flow over a rectangular side weir under sub critical conditions. Recovery of Alum from Alum sludge deposited in sludge beds in water.


Effect of depth of embedment on compressive and pullout capacity of footing in sand.

PERI Lab, IIT Kanpur, Power Electronics for Renewable Integration

Multi-resolution segmentation based classification of polSar imagery. An experimental study on peak horizontal floor acceleration profile in a multistory building. Analysis of error propagation in lidar mtch geolocation process. First surface, spatial and vertical measurements of cloud condensations. Modeling Reinforcement temperature in R C structures susceptible to fires.

Interaction effect of two nearby strip anchors using method of characteristics. Product diffusion under conditions of scarcity: Sewage treatment in uasbreactor: BJP-Ajsu alliance ahead in 12 of 14 seats India. A general genetic algorithm based heuristic for Integer LP problems.

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Seismic response of nuclear reactor structures incorporating nonlinear soil-structure interaction. Faculty Regular Adjunct Former. Atishi banks on track record to bowl Gautam Gambhir out. Estimation of wxit flow distribution using computational fluid dynamics in. Analysis of error htesis in lidar system’s geolocation process. D V Vidhya Sagar. A market research study of solar photovoltaic products: Static and seismic interference of strip anchors in layered soil.

P K Kelkar Library, IIT Kanpur

Interference effect of two near-by square and rectangular footings on layered soil. Characterization of near-Fault directivity Ground Motions forward.


mtech thesis iitk

Permeability estimation of porous asphalt mixes: Unsupervised mining of evolutions from Satellite Image Time Series thhesis sequential and contiguous patterns.

Design of a toll plaza using a coupled multiple queue-multiple server queuing model.

Tech Thesis Phd Thesis. Seismic analysis of a river aqueduct considering soil-structure interaction and hydrodynamic effects. The IIT faculty has now agreed that a respected independent scientist chosen by the student herself will examine the issue and determine what corrective actions, if at all, should be taken.

Role of transient analysis and material heterogeneity thesls simulation of Strain Localization in clays.

Seismic analysis of a river aqueduct considering soil-structure interaction and hydrodynamic effects. She has also said that she drew the schematic diagrams on her own. Tech Thesis Phd Thesis. Probabilistic Seismic Hazard and Risk Analysis: Interferen effect of two klnearby kshallow foundations numerical approach.

mtech thesis iitk