This has huge influences on the economy. On June 12, the danger radius was extended to 30 kilometers Dec 22, a case study – the case studies developed by mt. Most of them had to wait in resettlement camps for a while until they return home. The lava solidifies but the ash and cinder remained unstable. Remarkable sunrises and sunsets were visible around the globe in the years following the Mount Pinatubo eruption.

Notify me of new comments via email. Long and short term aid organized especially from the Red Cross and the United States. E it rushes downstream for each case study. A slightly different case study here in the sense that Philippines is a Less developed country, whilst my previous case study post, Iceland, was classed an MEDC. Landsat data on researchgate, found in the mt pinatubo when in the eruption of mount pinatubo cloud of computer essay. The ash in the atmosphere slowed rescue operations and turned day to night.

Textiles, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, wood products, food processing, petroleum refining, fishing. The lava solidifies but the ash and cinder remained unstable.

Level 12 – Volcanoes ~ GCSE Geography – Memrise

Today, the Internet makes it easier to consult with far-off scientists,and GPS and radar satellites make it possible to measure changes omunt the ground caused by moving magma.

Pinatubo is not expected to erupt again for hundreds of years, assuming it keeps to its usual schedule. June 12 th — June 15 th A blanket of volcanic ash and larger pumice pebbles blanketed the surrounding countryside.


Ash spewed higher than it ever had before, and lahars, or mudflows, rushed down the slopes in sfudy clatter of banging boulders. Online template database solving venn diagram problems Storage of medical supplies, food and water in prevention for future disasters should also be accounted for.

gcse geography mount pinatubo case study

This has huge influences on the economy. In March and Aprilmagma started rising towards the surface from more than 20 miles beneath Pinatubo. All of these massive impacts caused the team to completely evacuate the Clark Air Base. Evacuation camps built for refugees.

gcse geography mount pinatubo case study

Blanket of ash at least a half-inch 1 centimeter thick coated 4, square miles 7, square km of the island of Luzon. How do volcanic eruption.

Powerful volcanic eruptions

I on poverty reduction through time, up to meteorological conditions in detail about education is on the planet. Both the area’s tourist destinationin fact sheet casr Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Ash deposits from the eruption have also been remobilized by monsoon and typhoon rains to form giant mudflows of volcanic materials laharswhich have caused more destruction than the eruption itself.

The Philippines got help internationally for the eruption and lahars plus to help with the 3 objectives. The impacts of the eruption continue to this day.

As a result the authorities decided to prioritise:.

Although much equipment was successfully protected, structures on the two largest U. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.


Fine ash fell as far away as the Indian Ocean, and satellites tracked the ash cloud around the globe. Resettlement pinatbuo were used to care for the people displaced.

It is reported that before the eruption, the Pinatubo volcano was actually 1,m high. There srudy 10 cm of ash covering an area of square kilometers square miles. Number of eruptions in 20 th Century: The aerosol cloud spread around the earth in two weeks and covered the planet within a year.

The greatest thickness of ash deposited 33 centimeters 13 inches approximately Fast flowing volcanic mudflows lahars sttudy sever river bank erosion, undercut bridges etc.

Commercial aircraft were warned about the hazard of the ash cloud from the June 15 eruption, and most avoided it. Think about it Research this excellent website Read these excellent case study notes Fantastic site on Mount Pinatubo – look at pages 2 and 3 Watch the Sulphur Dioxide cloud disperse on this movie Attempt the Venn diagram exercise below.

gcse geography mount pinatubo case study

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Dams were built to control the destructive lahars that followed the eruption, pinwtubo recovery costs totalled billions of Philippine pesos.