However, performance descriptions are not designed to define the content of specifications and units. Wider curriculum maps the opportunities available. Edexcel resistivity coursework The sharp-eyed primate spots the bullet as it leaves the gun, releases its grip on the branch and falls to the ground. This unit may be completed at any time during the second year of the course but it would be more appropriate to administer this assessment near the end of the A2 year. Supporting you Pearson aims to provide the most comprehensive support for our qualifications.

Students write a report that is either marked by the teacher and externally moderated or externally marked by Pearson. A Level Coursework – Resistivity. If I put a current in the wire and place it between a magnet a force will act on it. Opportunities for practical work are identified throughout the specification. The context approach for this unit uses two contexts for teaching this unit: The context approach for this unit uses two different contexts: This unit involves planning an experiment, carrying out an experiment and analysing experimental results.

Edexcel AS Physics in Pages a photoelectron to reduce its kinetic energy. Students use mathematical models to describe the eesistivity of moving vehicles and to model electromagnetic induction and capacitor discharge.

edexcel resistivity case study

Unit 6 exemplars Two examples of student work based on the same experiment, at two different grade levels, with examiners comments. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Log In Sign Up.

Materials Science within AS and A-level Physics – ppt video online download

Lecture 27, summer Mechanical Properties II: Polarisation, Examples and applications of polarisation. Students may be required to solve the problem or explain the situation. A motivating specification This specification enables motivating, up-to-date, contemporary contexts, to be included in the teaching and learning programme.


The paper will consist of objective questions, short questions and long questions.

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We think you have gesistivity this presentation. It may be awarded as a discrete qualification or can contribute 50 per cent of the total Advanced GCE marks. If necessary, teachers may allow students to analyse results under supervision in their next lesson.

edexcel resistivity case study

This can be done by marking the writing the skill code eg A15 near to the appropriate section of the report and ticking the box A15 on the grid below. Lecture 8a — States of Matter Solids. This topic may be studied using applications that relate to, for example, a modern rail transport system.

edexcel resistivity case study

The formulae below will be supplied in each examination. At this stage teachers could either: The Cxse in Physics has been designed to encourage students to: They should not, therefore, submit draft assessment work for checking. The experiment that they carry out may be based on the plan that they have produced; alternatively, the experiment that they carry out may be based on a plan that is either centre-devised or Pearson-devised. Teachers should not mark the plan or practical work.


These teaching approaches can be mixed to allow variety in course delivery. Key changes are sidelined. Authentication All candidates must sign an authentication statement.

Materials Science within AS and A-level Physics

The review concluded that these changes had had little impact on the overall demand of the GCSE physics examination between Com Simona Ondruskova is responsible for coursework, including the Coursework Consultancy. Use ratios, fractions and percentages.

Work submitted for this unit must not be returned to candidates for them to improve it. Rate of change Use and interpret expressions such as: There are opportunities for students to discuss ethical, environmental and other issues relating to decisions about transport taken by government, by transport companies and by individuals. The concept approach is split into two topics: Thread starter coolnufc Start date Mar 25, Administration of internal assessment Internal Teachers choosing the option of marking the internal assessment standardisation must show clearly how the marks have been awarded in relation to the assessment criteria.

Simple conceptual models are used for the flow of charge in a circuit, for the operation of a photocell, and for the variation of resistance with temperature. Plan Students may be given the title of the experiment that they are to plan and carry out in advance.