Business challenge All financial institutions participating in the Swiss interbank payment systems must adopt the global ISO message standard by So weigh all these factors carefully before deciding whether you are really cut out to be an entrepreneur. Are there any incumbents with established brand recognition? Your plan is your calling card — make sure it is interesting and thorough. What customer segmentation will you use such as by location, age, disposable income, or other criteria? Do you have the requisite business skills?

The projected income statement shows how you expect your company’s revenues and expenses — and thus its overall performance — to change over time. Business registries are in the public domain and protect the names of the companies registered with them. Not only would this generate additional revenue, BCV expects that it would also increase customer satisfaction. For example, we are looking at moving more transactions, such as liquidity checks and internal account transfers, to IBM Financial Transaction Manager. Turning your idea into a viable plan You first need to determine whether your business idea is feasible.

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Competitors Who would your main competitors be, and what are their strengths and weaknesses? The thought of being your own boss may certainly be enticing, but there are some downsides.

To improve interoperability, industry leaders are advocating the universal adoption of ISO — the emerging global standard for electronic data interchange EDI between financial institutions. Before banue into your new business venture, you should ask yourself whether you have what it takes to succeed as an entrepreneur.

Once you have settled on a name, the commercial registrar will have to approve it. Is there a chance you could become overly dependent on a single supplier?

You can also bounce your idea off friends and family to see whether they are as enthusiastic about it as you are. If your business is based on an original idea, you will want to make sure that nobody copies it.


business plan banque cantonale vaudoise

A written agreement is required for an apprenticeship or when the employment terms differ from those set forth in the Swiss Code of Obligations. There are some legal rules you have to follow when selecting a name for your company. Streamlines payments processing to allow real-time transactions and rule-based routing. Switzerland has passed a series of laws to protect intellectual property such as a patent, trademark, design or copyright.

business plan banque cantonale vaudoise

A thorough assessment of your competitive landscape and customer segments will help you come up with a realistic business plan. Show why your business idea is a winner Convince potential partners and investors Convince lenders if you need outside loans Ensure all partners in the business share a common vision See our tips on putting together an effective business plan.

The different types of legal structures available in Switzerland are set forth in the Swiss Code of Obligations. Build your own feed.

Turning your idea into a viable plan | BCV – Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

We saw that there was great potential to build on the platform canonale enable new payment features and services in the future. The aim is to transfer Unicible from a captive and proprietary service provider to a multi-platform banking competence centre in Lausanne. Are there any incumbents with established brand busineas Share Facebook Twitter LinkedIn.

The purpose of VAT is to tax end consumption. What your company owns i. Do not underestimate future charges and do plxn overestimate future revenues. Also available in file: RSS Subscribe to our latest news releases View more news room feeds. The business plan will help you pull together the results of the various assessments you’ve done and use them to outline a concrete strategy.


The rapid rise of digital payments and the emergence of fintech disruptors are putting pressure on established banks and financial service providers.

Turning your business plan into a business | BCV – Banque Cantonale Vaudoise

Example of a cash-flow projection. Those rules are based on the following accounting principles: You also need to decide how you will price your product or service, taking into account your distribution chain and marketing activities.

business plan banque cantonale vaudoise

The Canton may guarantee a bank loan or pay some of the interest on a loan in order to promote large-scale, innovative, and job-creating business projects.

Please read our website and email Terms and Conditions before using our website or contacting us by email. If you banquue want somewhere to work away from home, you could rent an office in a vaudois space. Is there a chance you could become overly dependent on a single supplier?

Draft bylaws for your company and have them notarized Put the legally-required capital into a capital-deposit account Hold a general meeting of shareholders to officially create the company Have a notary prepare your articles of incorporation Register your company with the local commercial register, once you have the notarized articles of incorporation Limited liability companies must, upon creation, issue shares worth at husiness their par value minimum CHF 20, Do you plan to take out a loan?

Other product and service names might be trademarks of IBM or other companies.